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Pak Salt Traders are one of the leading suppliers of salt products in Pakistan. They established in 2002, with a vision to offer premium quality lamps. They thrive to produce lamps with different types and styles, and gathered all type of lamps under one roof. These lamps were made up of natural crystal of Himalaya salt. Origin of these salts is in northern areas of Pakistan. The deposits of these salts were present from many years in these mountain ranges.

These salts were used in different fields and the best use of these salts is to make salt lamps. Each lamps depicts the art and skill of its maker because they are hand-crafted lamps carefully designed with marvelous efforts. Ordinary electric lamps were made to produce light but purpose of Salt Lamp Pakistan is different, to provide light and to clean the atmosphere. These environment friendly lamps are incredible in this modern era. We responds to the changing demand in salt lamps and never ignores our product development section. Our creative team always busy in search of innovation in salt lamps and wished to lead from the front. Every customer is a jewel for us so we are always connected with our customers to know what our customers expect from us.Apart from providing light, salt lamps have massive health benefits too.

Salt lamps are one step forward to ordinary lamps. Due to the effective benefits these lamps were sell like hot cakes. These lamps were considered as good friend of atmosphere, as they ionize the air and helps to reduce the amount of negative ions. Amount of positive ions produced by them create a balance and makes the environment good for health. These lamps clear the atmosphere and provide us with natural oxygen that keeps lungs healthy. These lamps reacts with electromagnetic radiations and break the cloud of radiations created by the usage of domestic appliances like television, computer, laptop and microwave oven. These lamps were hygroscopic, sucks the excessive amount to moisture from the room.

Exciting feature of these lamps is they do not deplete the amount of ozone present in atmosphere. It is observed that these lamps also improves the productivity if kept in study room or workplace. Appropriate amount of light and healthy atmosphere helps to increase the productivity. Due to these surprising benefits customers prefer to buy salt lamps. To have a beautiful home is a dream of everyone. People spend large amount of money to decorate their home. It is a common wish of everyone to keep the house beautiful and attractive. These lamps looks beautiful in home and office. These lamps were of different shapes including, globe, egg, pyramid, tear drop, cylinder, bullet shape, cone and obelisk shape all are equally amazing and stunning. Simply choose any shape for your home, office, study room or baby room to enjoy the health benefits. We are working hard to become country’s number one Salt Lamp Company buy putting efforts in this industry. We have a mission to produce un-beatable lamps that lights the home of every customers. Buy wide range of salt lamps at economic price with Pak Salt Traders.